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Tag: Love, Simon

Anyone who’s anyone and everyone everywhere has been raving about the new hit teen romance movie, Love, Simon. Let me tell you, so am I. It’s so beautiful and heartwarming and somehow both cheesy but still feels realistic. I sobbed in the movie, about five or six times (I’m a big movie cryer) because I saw myself in Simon and have been through things that he has, and know many people who have as well. To celebrate the release of this movie I have made a tag! Each question linked with an easter egg from the film (which I’ve explained in the brackets to those who havent seen it, but also weary of not giving away any spoilers) and anyone who does this tag will be in the draw to win a massive Love, Simon movie poster! Woohoo!

Halloween Oreos: Favourite snack food? (Halloween oreo’s are Blue’s favourite type of oreo)

My favourite snack food would have to be humus and crackers, you really can’t go wrong with that

Panic! At The Disco: Celebrity crush? Or favourite celebrity? (Simon had a bit of a crush on Brendan Urie in early high school)

Honestly, I’m going to have to agree with Simon on this one, Brendan Urie is amazing. Also Emma Stone. And Pearl Mackie.

Iced Coffee: Token drink? (The Simon Squad’s token drinks they get on the way to school)

English breakfast tea with a splash of soy milk, ’tis excellent.

Bieber: Do you have any pets, what are their names? (Simon’s Dog name)

I have a black cat named Hildilid! She’s my familiar and I love her.

Bad, but Enthusiastic Cooking: What is the favourite and least meal you’ve ever eaten? (Simon’s sister is an aspiring chef)

I love Indian curry, it’s so so so damn good. For least favourite, I don’t think I have a least favourite right now, but when I was pescatarian I hated sardines. Gross.

The Bachelor: Any guilty pleasure reads/movies/shows? (The guilty pleasure of the Spier family)

I love love love Rupauls Drag Race, amazing show.

School Production: Are you part of your school production/have been in the past? If not, what’s your favourite musical? (Simon is a theatre gay, I mean theatre geek)

I’ve only every worked back stage as a set maker on Bring It On, but my favourite musical would have to be either Heathers, Be More Chill, Waitress, Rent, Hamilton or….actually I have to many to name!

Graduation: What are you most excited about doing after you finish high school? (Simon counts down the days to graduation throughout the course of the movie)

I want to go to university to study animation so I can someday (hopefully) I can work at Pixar or cartoon network

Ferris Wheel: What would be the most romantic thing you can think of? (The ferris wheel is constantly mentioned throughout the movie, but I wont tell you why because it is a big spoiler)

Sitting on a bean bag or a comfy couch, reading a book with someone in a cosy room with a fire place drinking tea. Just appreciating each others company really.

Blue: Have you ever been dubbed with any nicknames? (Blue is the only name Simon knows his pen pal by)

So so many! I’ve been dubbed Grandma, Aunty Wonka, Cheese, Egghead, Aunty, Sketches and Plum to name a few.

Jacques: When do you feel most yourself? (Jacques is Simon’s pen name, and the name that he can be most himself under)

I feel most myself when I’m being enthusiastic about a book or a movie with my friends and the whole world just disappears and I just get lost in all the things I love talking about.

And that’s it! Hope you enjoyed the tag I have put together, inspired by little easter eggs and nit bits in the movie.

Be as creative as you want with these questions, and please do go see Love, Simon if you haven’t already, it’s an amazing movie and everyone should watch it, everywhere.

Love, Rhapsody

(see what I did there)



Love this tag! Thanks so much :)))

6th Apr, 18

thank you!!!

7th Apr, 18

Rhapsody, who's the Blue to your Simon

7th Apr, 18

did you just ask me who my crush was...in front of this many people...gonna keep this one a secret ol buddy ol pal

7th Apr, 18

In reply to rhapsody

;( ;P heheh

7th Apr, 18

This is so great! I also get that feeling when I'm just going on about a book!

29th Oct, 18